Endurance Ride

Sunday E Ride (For Both A and B Riders):

Sunday E Ride is an Endurance ride. The fast WW group rides are Saturday and Tuesday rides. The Sunday ride is not a fast group ride.

The goal of the Sunday ride is:

  • To increase the endurance of the riders and improve their pack riding form and skills.
  • To choose a route that is challenging enough but at the same time allow the A and B riders to ride together. There will be section where the ride will break up especially on relatively long climbs like Bissell Road, at the end of which the ride will regroup.
  • There will be no sprint sections on Sunday rides.

Ride Description:

  • There will be no riding up the hills hard and then riding back down to catch up with the last riders up the hills. On most hills the group pace should be such that the group can crest the hill together.
  • Riders shall not use the Sunday group ride for their personal workouts or workouts that their coach has indicated. Interval training should be done on your own ride.
  • There will be a nature break section, location of which depends on the route.
  • Majority of the ride will be a double pace line. Where the road narrows ride a single pace line.
  • On narrow roads ride the group should ride in a single pace line.
  • Where road conditions dictate, ride double pace line.
  • No half wheeling ever or overlapping wheels.
  • In order to keep the group rolling and together for the ride, A riders will have to go slower and the B riders will have to pick up their pace on the ride.